Has your website become a swipesite?

So you have invested money in a new website,

It’s good to go and mobile ready, you know how it looks and feels on your iPad. This experience is important to your users and it is expected to become even more important in the coming years with the arrival of 4G.

But did you know if you have too much text on your site, people will not read or engage with the content?

You have so much to say about your awesome company.  But if you have too much text, it will become just another SWIPESITE. Too much content and not enough time to read it all.  Even a small amount of text on a phone can seem like a large document. The potential customer gets bored and moves on.

With so much going on, it’s great that someone has even landed on your website. But you only have 20 seconds to tell them the benefit of your product before they swipe off to the next site.

Video can show off the benefits of your product or service and engage your potential customer in that 20 second window.

This is why video is becoming the most important part of a website and a major tool in your business model.  You simply cannot afford not to have it as part of your overall plan.

However, you will need to be still filling your site with content. Building a site alone will not get your business.

Here is a video that offers some extra tips.

I want you to pretend your website is a book on a shelf in a library with thousands of other books.

The only way someone is going to find you is by having a browse on that shelf and maybe pick the book up.

Now let’s look at your website online, where you are competing with not a thousand websites but millions of websites, all doing the same thing as you.

So if someone manages to find your site they are there for a reason. – ie if I’m looking for health tips I’m not going to look at DIY websites.

So it’s crucial to have the following in place:

1) Your website must be mobile responsive as the majority of your customers are most likely doing their research on the phone. Google are putting more time and energy into this phone search.

2) Make your content about problem solving. Not telling people how great you and your product/ service is. People want solutions to their problems.

3) Have a video on your website. Video is gold as it helps people make that decision. Video helps shape your message in such a powerful way

4) Have a lead magnet which is a free offer- this is something of great value that a potential customer will want and will give you their contact details in return for it.

5) Call To Action – It’s important to have a CTA on every page. You must spell out what you want them to do.

You only have 20 seconds to make that impression , then they are gone.

My last tip and this is a BiG one – Google want to see content added on a regular base, 600 words plus so start blogging. This will really help. Static websites will lose ground.  Check out SEO  Blog

And finally, You should be allocating from €600 upward on SEO each month for 12 months. Being online is not Free.


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