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Breakthrough Programme

This is a powerful 1-on-1 training and mentoring programme for coaches who want to cut through the clutter and noise, develop steady flow of leads and clients. People who are dedicated to growing their business with better marketing and sales.
You will receive the information, skills, strategies and support needed to achieve your goals and build the life and business you always wanted. Even the most seasoned experts and successful entrepreneurs need coaches to continually improve their game. This is for business owners who want to grow there business by an extra 30%. You will discover how to add value to your clients and become their trusted advisor. You'll experience a priceless collection of business growth and success resources, training, mastermind work and support from my team and me. This is for you if you don't want to spend all their time fiddling around with the latest fads.

As my business has grown I realized I need expert advice around sales and especially marketing. On asking trusted connections for recommendations the name which kept coming up was Joe Dalton. It’s fair to say engaging Joe as a mentor and advisor in those areas has far surpassed my expectations. He has shown a thorough understanding of how to best apply sales and marketing ideas and techniques to my business. Of great importance was the fact he took care to ensure he understood me and what I was aiming for. Responding to his advice brought a whole new level of clarity and focus. His honesty and willingness to communicate clearly and directly has required me to be fully accountable in my follow through and I’m seeing tangible results quickly. I highly recommend Joe Dalton for any business looking for expert and highly effective advice in their sales and marketing.
Joseph McGuire
Ireland's leading Facial Profiling Expert | International Negotiation Consultant
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