High Energy, Engaging, Empowering and Interactive Team Building Event  

Our Team Building Day is very unique. We offer a morning full of positive mindset tools and techniques, delivered in a fun ’party style’ environment. The afternoon session is based on understanding your values and how your belief systems contribute to your Integrity, Positivity, Respect, Determination, Empathy and Accountability

REconnect Team Building Day 

Getting It Wong To Get it RIGHT Team Building Day Reconnect team building day is an inspirational, motivational & transformational training & coaching day, delivering a fun programme promoting Positive Mental Attitude/Positive Mental Health and Positive Business Culture in a unique learning environment. Positive lasting change starts with an idea and plan that will help you with your professional and personal framework.

Are you bored with the "same old, same old" at staff development days and conferences? You know you need to get all the strategy work done, so you have taken your team away to a lovely hotel or you are a professional body and having your yearly conference. What happens? You have killed most of your team by lunchtime with death by powerpoint! Not very exciting is it?  

We have created a very unique experience of interactive learning, fun and skills that will have your team talking about it for years to come. As well as using all the tools and techniques, you will learn skills for your own personal development and achieving excellence in your company/organization.  

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Dealing with difficult people, internally and externally, can cause burnout and cap creativity within an organisation.

Building positive relationships and clear communication and connection are the key factors in developing a companies/organisations success.

Increasing motivation will improve job satisfaction.

Organisations that slip into a toxic culture know it causes poor employee performance and falling sales. Research has shown that 87% of employees crave opportunities for growth

Wondering if it's worth it? Watch this...

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This Reconnact team building day is for you if...

  • You want training with a difference for your team, a workshop that is both educational and fun.
  • You see the potential in your staff and want to help them raise their vibration, you just don’t know how.
  • You know how negatively in the workplace can impact teams, therefore the importance of positivity has to be implemented. 
  • Your staff needs a positivity boost and some team bonding.

Recognition and appreciation for everyone's contribution to the organisation

Bringing people together to create positive communication in the workplace.

Here's how this team building day will help.

Building your Team  

The day allows employers the opportunity to uplift their teams, improve communications skills, promote positivity and have a work life balance while acknowledging their need for fulfillment and positive well being at work, ultimately increasing productivity.

Motivating your Team

An engaging and participative session led by Joe and Denise who have the skills to enthuse and energise you and your co-workers. Everyone leaves the team building day feeling upbeat, positive and full of high energy. 

Learning new tool

Our workshops are delivered using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) tools & techniques, plus researched and tested Positive Psychology, which your staff are sure to retain as they associate this workshop with laughter & fun.  

Interactive and fun 

This day is unique in that the learning is ‘party style’ and the interactive games provide such a different way for people to become associated to thinking ‘outside the box’ and getting out of their ‘comfort zones’. The music, games, prizes and party bags all create the fun party atmosphere where inspiration, motivation & transformation can begin

Be Unique

Tap into your own uniqueness. Positive Parties is unique, in that the learning is ‘party style’ and the interactive games provide such a different way for people to learn while having fun. Be courageous to show your uniqueness, being authentic is a given right. 

Keeping It Simple

Albert Einstein said ‘Keep it Simple, Make It Fun.’ Not all, but many, work training days are tedious, with ‘death by powerpoint’ and lots of taking notes and listening to an informative but boring speakers! Positive Parties and the Conscious Business Academy take your staff on an empowering and enjoyable journey that is thought provoking, heart felt, they acquire new knowledge and have fun.  


Exploring your Values

Do you know your values have a major impact on your life. Let us explore ‘values’ with your team. Are their values congruent with your company values? An Interesting exercise in the afternoon session with Joe, to delve deeper and find out more on a personal level about your company culture. 

A Difference

Our workshops bring a light, bright and high energy into your team. We plant many seeds, give great tools for letting go of old unwanted thought patterns and new and fun ways of keeping upbeat with a positive mental attitude. We deliver in a way that your team will never forget the day and we follow up with notes and resources. The prizes and party bags always create suspense and surprise too! 

Real staying-power is built on a strong foundation. Shift your focus, and stay on track for the success you desire and deserve

MORNING SESSION "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.’ Plato  

Denise Devlin, NLP Master Practitioner and Founder of the international company Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference, brings the fun elements to business. Getting everyone relaxed, building rapport with each other and then inspiring and motivating the team, sharing, story telling, laughter and games. Although people will have to stretch out of their comfort zones, no one is ‘singled out’ and only those who wish to volunteer to demonstrate the positive mindset teachings, will be asked to do so, the rest of the team enjoy the group activities.  

As in any party though, the participants receive prizes and party bags, which is so different from any training day they will ever have encountered. And of course they will remember all that they have learned because they will have laughed and had so much fun.

In the morning session Denise helps the team shake out any negativity that might be holding people back. If someone is stressed or is feeling anxious in their job, the morning will definitely allow then to forget about their troubles. It’s a joyful morning, getting people talking, sharing positive stories and achievements about their own lives and this breakdowns the barriers and gives them the opportunity to really connect with their team mates.  

AFTERNOON SESSION "It’s not what you teach them, its how you make them feel.’ Sir John Jones  

The afternoon focuses on the impact our habits and actions can effect our personal and professional lives. However we still keep up with the high energy from the morning session with fun energizers.  

Joe Dalton, Business Consultant, Tedx Speaker and Founder of Breakthrough Brands, will talk about values, belief systems and leadership. In this session your team will becometing much more aware that your company/organisation is not just a name or a brand, it’s a community, that building rapport and connecting with people within the company is vital to its success. We look at new ideas that will allow the company/organsisation to grow internally and externally, offering better customer satisfaction, personal growth and a happy more productive workplace. We’ll explore, what makes individual staff members passionate about their roles and assist your team in developing skills that can improve their work-life balance. It’s all about finding their passion and expressing their essential values through their work  

OUTCOMES By the end of this Team Building Day, your Team will know what it takes to be authentic, more effective, thus your company/organization is building trust and creating conscious management, leadership and culture.

Creating a Positive Workplace & Culture

Creating a positive working environment 

Fun and Inspirational team building day

On the day we will offer you an uplifting and interactive workshop & presentation. You will...

1) Learn tools to improve the quality of your life. 2) Understand the importance of thinking positive thoughts. 3) Realise positive thinking makes you happy and brings you further in life. 4) Know how to get rid of negative energy/influences. 5) Trust that positivity is infectious, get it, pass it on. 6) Change your thoughts around to feel better in any situation. 7) Discover that we all have the same thoughts, good and bad, it’s what we do with these thoughts that count.

The ideas shared will allow your teams to be less stressed, become more confidence through personal accountability by understanding their values, beliefs and personal fulfilment.  

So... are you in?

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Meet The Team 

Joe Dalton helps business owners and entrepreneurs transform their approach to life and business in such a unique and powerful way. He empowers leaders and entrepreneurs to rise above the confusion and uncertainty, so they may achieve their true potential in their unique way. His career spans over 28 years and is very privileged to have worked with many dedicated and talented people across the globe. 

Joe has a vast expertise in sales and marketing, both in Ireland and abroad, with a proven record of accomplishment in achieving year on year company growth and regularly exceeding defined targets. His strength lies in successfully managing and motivating teams to achieve business growth. Over the years he has received awards for excellence in sales and marketing. Joe has developed a powerful and compelling system that will allow you to be the person you want to become.  

He is also a member of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) and a TEDx speaker.  

Denise Devlin, NLP Master Practitioner, author and Founder of Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference’ is a passionate, innovative and creative entrepreneur who came up a ‘out of the box’ idea to use in training and coaching and it has taken Ireland by storm. In 2010 she saw a gap in the market for 'Training With A Difference' as people were so bored with the usual ‘death by power point,’ long lectures and pages of handouts. So she created training delivered in a ‘party style’ setting that would teach new methodologies and tools, be positive and fun, thus Positive Parties® was born. 

Now coming together in partnership, Joe and Denise will deliver these workshops and programmes which are ‘interactive and fun’ whilst equipping the participants with tools and techniques to have a Positive Mental Attitude, be more conscious, awakened, resourceful and resilient in the workplace and home, have less stress, to be more self-aware, mindful and positive.  

The training methods used in the workshops, conference sessions, programmes include: • NLP – Nuero Linguistic Programming • CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy • EI – Emotional Intelligence • PP – Positive Psychology  

What People are saying

I have known Denise since she came up with the concept of Positive Parties and have always admired her enthusiasm and positive attitude. Denise is a well trained professional and uses all her skills in the development of innovative and unique training programmes. I have seen her deliver workshops to a wide variety of audiences. She is always able to tailor her approach while not compromising on the core skills she is delivering. Denise recently delivered a workshop for Letterkenny Chamber and the feedback was excellent. The short workshop was designed to energise the participants and it really worked. By the time they came to the formal networking element of the event they were really engaged which resulted in much more effective relationship building which was one of our aims. I would highly recommend Denise for all types of corporate group training. Innovative and enjoyable with very strong foundations, that's Positive Parties, Training with a Difference Toni Forrester, CEO at Letterkenny Chamber  

I attended a two day Mastermind. This was a wonderful experience. As a group we learned a lot, we went home with many tips and confidence levels boosted to the max. I highly recommend Joe Dalton as a coach. Joe clearly is an expert in his field. Lucu Santos, Aspira

"Loved how interactive the day was, I have gotten to know my people mangers team a lot better, the whole day was positive and delivered in the right way and geared at the right level" "Positive Parties is refreshingly different. I loved the presentation style, fun approach, interactive and energising session". "Very energetic and fun loving approach to a learning experience" "It was very interactive fun workshop day not like the other training days when the energy can be lost" Feed back from the Tesco HR Managers

I found the Positive Party not just a great learning opportunity but also a lot of fun. I had two people joining the team at the time and it was a great way to integrate them into the existing group. Even the more critical members of the team thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that it led them to examine and question how they respond to events that occur. A very enjoyable and worthwhile team building event with lots of emotional intelligence development activities thrown in. Mary Howick, VP of HR Pramerica 

It was my pleasure to have met & listened to the inspiring no BS approach from Joe Dalton. He is one of the most naturally charismatic speakers I have ever heard. He really was speaking my language about Mindset. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to speak at your event or business. We need more like him. Nicola Uí Chonghaile-Bhroin Businesswoman of the Year & Thought Leader of Personal Empowerment 2019  

"A very good few hours of fun, was good laugh and learnt new skills and I would recommend it to other departments, very thought provoking and something for everyone.” Laura Hourican, Head of HR UK and Ireland, First Source  

“A great session and involved the whole group. There were plenty of learning tools which were discussed and I do hope to use now.” “Good fun atmosphere, relaxed and happy. Excellent learning tips.” “It was a fun learning experience, I had some good laughs.” “I learned to always think positive, believe in myself, to be thankful and to be aware of how I feel in dealing with day to day events.” Feedback from Allianz

I had the pleasure of connecting with Joseph through a keynote speech he gave for a business event I attended in Dublin. Although I was not familiar with him before, I was immediately struck by his skill in audience engagement, the humor peppering the talk, and the accessibility of the overall topic. He clearly is versatile and very skilled in what he does and I look forward to working more with him in the future Jilian Gogel, Olympus Tranlations

“I really liked all the activities and learned about how to stay positive and anchor a positive memory to use when need be. I wouldn’t change a thing about this workshop. It was brilliant and I would recommend it to others.” “I loved the laughing and learned that it is good to get together as a team and laugh and I learned new tools and techniques on how to be and stay positive too.” “I leaned new ways to stay positive. It was very enjoyable, much need time out for the team, we all need to laugh together more.” We had a fun day Positive Parties workshop for operations staff and the feedback was extremely positive. I’d be happy endorsing Positive Parties for all those in the user services industries.” Public Health Agency-Staff 

Our 2 day conference. We were mainly looking at new stock, talking strategies and discussing serious issues such as data bases, finances, security etc., then in came the Team! The fun, laughter and learning were fantastic. It was just want we needed to liven us up and get us energized for our staff dinner dance that evening. The feedback from all 70 staff was excellent.” Peter Boyle, MD, Argento Contemporary Jewellery  

“It was great craic and it is important to let your hair down as a staff. I would strongly recommend Positive Parties fun learning activities to any other school, company or workplace. Thanks you” Paul, Teacher, St Anne’s Primary, Derry 

“The quality of the training was excellent. Thank you” Kevin Caldwell, Operations Manager, Carecall  

Many thanks Denise for this intriguing and imaginative training event, “Positive Party” - it was excellent. It gave me a lot of food for thought, and I came away feeling so positive about my work and myself, as did most of the group. Donna Hyndman, HR Dept, North West Regional College

I really enjoyed Positive Parties, it was so different to other courses I have done. I learnt a lot about positive self belief and different ways to combat stress and think positive. Danielle, Best Western White Horse Hotel  

Your organisation really can't afford not to hold a Positive Party, it will be fun, memorable and effective. It will increase capacity, build your team skills and encourage everyone to do their absolute best for the community in which they live and work. I can't recommend Positive Parties enough, I'd say take five minutes to talk to Denise about Positive Parties and you too will be hooked. Noelle Donnell, Director, Hummingbird 

It was fantastic, really fun and certainly very different. I would recommend Positive Parties to Legal Island Customers. Scott Alexander, Head of Learning & Development, Legal Island It is a very enjoyable learning experience, loaded with fun, games, knowledge and laughter. Vivian Mackey, North West Regional College. Positive Parties is certainly fun, thought provoking and motivational. I will certainly be recommending Positive Parties to my clients to motivate their teams. Paul Fieldhouse, Hyperion Growth 

Having recently attended one of Joe's keynote speaking events I can safely say Joe captivated his audience. A gentleman with great wisdom, communications skills and all round relaxed demeanour on stage. Highly recommend Joe for speaking events and his podcast is a treat too. David O'Neill, Liffey Financial 

Really like the fact that it was delivered in a very entertaining style. Some very useful techniques. Very good. Very different from anything experienced before. Paula Donnelly, Lead HRO, Derry City & Strabane District Council  

All of the Positive Parties training was excellent. I’d never participated in this type of training before, all the techniques were new to me. Brilliant Denise Thank you. Clare Mullen, Community Services Team Manager, Belfast City . Council  

The fun aspect of the day linked to the training, all the positive mental attitude tools. Very enjoyable & educational. Colette Bradley, Community Services Team, Belfast City Council  

Fun practical tools to deal with patterns of thinking and meet challenging situations in work and at home. A very positive and helpful day for me personally & professionally. Elma Greer, Health Development Unit, Belfast City Council

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