Professional (Visibility & Reputation) Services

Do you know who you best serve and what you have to offer!

First, let us look at what Google classes as a professional service provider.

They include advertising professionals, architects, accountants, financial advisers, engineers, consultants and interior designers, tech software providers among others.

Basically, it can be any organization or profession that offers customized, knowledge-based services/software or product to clients.

It all sounds great but how do you get in front of your Ideal client or worse still, who is your ideal client?

Sometimes the hardest thing we can undertake is to define who we best serve and what their needs are.

So how do you put a structure in place so you can concentrate on the things you love to do. What does that structure look and feel like?  

Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • Have a process that makes your customer happy.
  • You have to be mindful, to whom you listen to, there is a lot of garbage out there.  You don’t want to be taking advice from the guy at the bar. You want to talk to people that have been there and done it.
  •  You are unique and you need a different compelling approach to what others in your industry are offering.
  • Sell what the end result will look like. How your client’s life will be better after they have worked with you.  Moving them from pain to pleasure, storytelling is a great way to get your message across.
  • What value are you offering? How are you marketing your offer? Sculpture the real benefits around your customer’s needs and wants.
  • Build a nurturing funnel allowing you to build trust and your client will start to see you as the go-to expert. Show how you can support them to make improvements and innovate.
  • Have a selling system and practice it till you know it inside out.
The biggest and most worthwhile exercise is to be clear and coherent in everything you do and say.  If you want to discover what this looks like for your business, I have created the following just for you. Click Here

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