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Welcome to “Getting It Wrong To Get It Right,” where we explore the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship through insightful interviews and expert analysis. In this episode, our host Joe Dalton sits down with the seasoned entrepreneur and strategist, Bill Potter, to delve into the intricacies of growing and scaling businesses. From the importance of sales before marketing to the navigation of internal and external communication hurdles, Bill and Joe shares invaluable wisdom gained from years of experience. Together, they explore the impact of technology, the significance of employee empowerment, and the evolving landscape of business in 2024. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship, as we uncover the keys to success and the lessons learned from getting it wrong to get it right.

This week’s guest is Bill Potter. Bill has had a successful career in finance, beginning on Wall Street before moving to work as an investment adviser. In this role, he focused on interviewing companies to understand their growth strategies over the next five years and how they planned to achieve them. This experience led him to believe that entrepreneurs should start their companies with the end in mind, as this was what his firm looked for when making investments. He noticed a pattern among the companies he interviewed, as many were seeking a combination of organic and acquired growth, with a strategic and financial focus on the latter. Potter’s keen observation and understanding of these patterns have given him valuable insights into the world of finance and investment.

Primary Topic: Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs in Scaling Businesses

– Lack of experience in scaling businesses

– Operational issues hindering companies in the $3M to $10M revenue range

– Limitations in talent acquisition, sales, and marketing in the tech industry

– Need for a strategic approach and specific parameters in creating dominant companies

Primary Topic: Importance of Marketing, Sales, and Exit Strategies at Different Revenue Levels

– Different needs for marketing, sales, and exit strategies for companies at various revenue levels

– Significance of understanding an organization’s exit strategy

– Operational issue hindering companies in the $3M to $10M revenue range

– Challenges and changes that companies face in their initial growth

Primary Topic: Key Traits and Skills in Business

– Confidence, communication, influence

– The significance of high emotional intelligence in great leaders

– Importance of empathy, inclusivity, and inspiring staff to greatness

– Creating a culture of innovation, learning from mistakes, and an ownership mentality among employees

Primary Topic: Lifelong Learning, Adaptation to New Technology, and AI Advancements

– Lifelong learning and adaptation to new technology for founders and CEOs

– Future advancements in AI and technology in 2024

– Opportunities created by AI advancements for those committed to technology

– Skepticism about AI’s ability to replicate human communication

Primary Topic: Importance of Empowering and Upskilling Employees

– Continuous training and upskilling of the workforce

– Opportunities following the impact of COVID-19 on remote work and remote employees

– Encouragement of an ownership mentality among employees and promoting a culture of innovation

– The importance of high emotional intelligence in great leaders and putting the client and employees first

Primary Topic: Advice for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

– Advice on starting a business with the end in mind, creating a sense of urgency, and focusing on the destination

– The book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins and the importance of reading for lifelong learning and leadership

– Need for a lean startup approach and properly run company for scaling

– Crucial questions to consider in business evaluation

Primary Topic: Addressing Blind Spots through Advisory Services

– The role of advisory services in addressing blind spots in business

– Recommendations on partnering with expertise, potentially through fractional hiring or holistic solutions

– The role of Thrive Advisors in addressing operational issues and driving growth

Primary Topic: Data Privacy and Security in 2024

– Data privacy and security as significant issues in 2024

– Focus on robust data protection, encryption technologies, and regular security audits

– Opportunities with new technology in 2024 and the skepticism about AI replicating human communication


1. How can founders and CEOs address their lack of experience and knowledge to improve internal and external communication within their companies? What strategies can they employ to fill these knowledge gaps?

2. In what ways can companies at different revenue levels, such as $3M to $10M, tailor their marketing, sales, and exit strategies to best suit their specific needs and challenges?

3. What are the key takeaways from Bill Potter’s emphasis on lifelong learning and adaptation to new technology as crucial for founders and CEOs? How can leaders cultivate a culture of continuous learning within their organizations?

4. How can blind spots in business be effectively addressed through advisory services, and what are the potential benefits of seeking external expertise for companies facing operational issues and growth challenges?

5. What are the anticipated advancements in AI and technology in 2024, and how might these developments impact businesses and the workforce? How can companies prepare for and take advantage of these potential opportunities?

6. How can companies create a culture of innovation, learning from mistakes, and employee empowerment, as emphasized by Bill Potter? What are the practical steps and strategies to foster such a culture within an organization?

7. What impact has COVID-19 had on remote work, and how can organizations effectively leverage technology to adapt to this shift in the way employees work? What challenges and opportunities does remote work present for businesses?

8. In what ways can companies balance the use of emerging technologies, such as AI, with the need to maintain high emotional intelligence and prioritize the well-being of their clients and employees?

9. What are the main considerations and challenges related to data privacy and security in 2024? How should organizations approach these issues to ensure the protection of sensitive information and maintain trust with their stakeholders?

10. Joe and Bill emphasizes the importance of starting a business with the end in mind. How can founders and entrepreneurs create a clear vision for their company’s future and effectively align their strategies with their long-term goals?


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