There is a lot of talk about being authentic

Being Authentic

There is a lot of talk about being authentic, being the real you!! I ask the question “what if being authentic had a sacrifice attached to it?”. 

Have you considered that you would lose your friends, family or even your job? There is a lot of inner work needed. It does not matter what role you play or the position you hold. We all have something holding us back from our full potential. We have masked or covered it up because we think we should act or behave so we are not judged by our peers. But we all are screaming inside “What if?” and then it would be better. Old memories that have built up inside, haunt your subconscious mind clouding your judgment. 

Maybe it’s time to set yourself free and take a new stance on life. What was mine – It was an inferior complex deep inside that needed to come to the surface and be alchemized. Why is this important? Because to be successful you need to have systems and processes in place. But most of all, you need a clear mind without all the attached baggage.  If we all decided to stand in our own two shoes and take full responsibility for our own individual life. 

Taking full accountability for our actions, decisions, and thoughts. Hold yourself responsible, leaving little room for the blame games. I can show you how to reconnect with yourself and leave the past behind!! The win win -) complete happiness in life and work.

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