Selling Made Easy

There are a lot of conversations about the sales process and many books have been written on the subject. From my experience, the sales presentation can be played on a single page.

Here’s a very simple process that can offer you and your team results:

Striking up a conversation and building rapport. Taking a genuine interest in the person

Asking questions, listen, listen, listen. See if your offer is a good natural fit for the sales conversion to continue. If the sales conversion is to continue, time to establish if their interest is a desire or a need.

Bring your product/ service into the conversation. Make sure it’s ticking all the boxes from what they told you in the categorising stage of the conversation.

Recap! that you have matched all their needs or desires. Establish if there are any other questions that need to be answered. Ask for a commitment.

Do all necessary paperwork, cross T & I, explain what will happen next.

Selling Made Easy, 5 Simple Steps.
How about you? Where are you in your presentation and what steps have you been missing.

Why not map out your own sales presentation using this system, I would love to know how you go on 

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