Scaling Up and Seizing Opportunities

The Path to Business Growth

Welcome back to another episode! In today’s show, we have the pleasure of hosting Paul Healy, a seasoned business professional, as our special guest. Paul dives deep into the world of sales, digital advancement, and financial management, shedding light on the crucial elements that contribute to a successful business. From discussing the importance of sales processes and lead systems to emphasizing the value of being digitally advanced, Paul’s insights are invaluable for both new and established entrepreneurs.

 Join us as we uncover the secrets to scaling up, seizing opportunities, and evaluating the readiness of businesses to evolve. Additionally, we’ll explore the trends in business acquisitions, getting insights from Paul’s encounter with a gentleman looking to acquire businesses. Along the way, we’ll discover the significance of intellectual property, the challenges faced by small businesses, and the future landscape for Irish businesses. So grab your pen and paper, as Paul Healy takes us on a journey of growth, prosperity, and getting it wrong to ultimately get it right!

Topic: Importance of Sales, Digital Advancement, and Financial Management in a Business
– The significance of sales in a business
– The importance of being digitally advanced, including website and social media
– Automation of processes in the business
– Examination of the financials, specifically management accounts
Topic: Value of Well-Organized and Small Companies vs. Those Reliant on Individuals
– Well-organized and small companies with good record-keeping systems are more valuable
– Companies heavily reliant on a single individual have no value without that person
Topic: Acquiring a Business with Strong Systems in Place
– Acquiring a business with a strong system is more desirable than relying on an individual’s knowledge
Topic: Challenges in the First 5 Years of Business
– Many organizations fail within the first 5 years due to financial issues or losing entrepreneurial spirit.




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