How Focusing on R&D Can Save Your Business Money in the Long Run

On this episode, we explore the often overlooked importance of research and development in the food industry. Our guest, an expert in culinary and bakery operations, emphasizes the emotional involvement and passion required for successful product development. We dive into the technical side of R&D, including the growing focus on health and dietary concerns, innovation, and the use of local and bespoke ingredients. Additionally, we discuss the importance of proper training and communication in bridging the gap between generations in the workforce. We also explore how to view food production from a lab perspective and the role of R&D in future planning and innovation. Our experts explain the R&D tax credit regime and the potential financial benefits to companies that engage in R&D projects. Finally, we discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the food industry and how companies can benefit from grants and external help to overcome resource constraints.”

Darren Harris is a former bakery program chair and the honors degree baker who is now enrolled in the Technological University Dublin. He is an expert in culinary arts and has a cross-disciplinary view between bakers and chefs. Darren loves the honesty of the food industry and enjoys the diverse stories behind it. He believes that the industry faces many operational challenges, so it needs to get ahead quickly to seize the big opportunities ahead.






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