Fearing of what others might say

Up to most recently, I was fearful of what people would think and say if I mentioned the word spirituality and work in the same sentence. Many people have questioned their faith and moved away from religious institutions. These Institutions have based their teachings on fear and not love.

I want to see if we can all build a community that cares about what we do on a daily basis, how we think, act and feel about ourselves and our work colleagues; Put purpose and meaning back into our business lives;

Explore and learn what it is to follow your gut and the spark that lights within;

To be happy and not living in worry and doubt.

I find that most people are willing to have a conversation behind closed doors but roll their eyes if mentioned at the lunch table or among their friends.

Maybe it is as simple as starting out small and just thinking about the BIG 5

  1. ·        Meditation
  2. ·        Gratitude
  3. ·        Forgiveness
  4. ·        Compassion
  5. ·        Offer a blessing (a thank you)

And maybe start putting one or two into practice and seeing if it becomes a habit.

For others this might mean a load of crap, but that’s ok as we are all unique and on our own journey.

It would be nice if your life mattered now and you’re not thinking about it on your death bed. I had to let go of what I thought other people would think, are you ready to cross the Rubicon.


Please reach out if want to be part of a new but growing community. joe@jdc.ie

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