2020 The Year Of Self Awakening

Change Your Mind, Change your Life

Let 2020 be the year you explore new ideas with old ancient wisdom allowing you overcome any challenge you face in your life.

Stop trying to figure out who you are. Start working on who you want to become

Seminar Jan 25th | Dublin, Ireland 

We are going to be doing somethings a little different than your normal event :)

From 09.15 am to 16.00 pm


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Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to kick start 2020. This event has the potential to change your thinking and bring you to a level that you never thought possible. Guaranteed to give you so many takeways that you can put into action. A transfomational event to self-empowerment, leadership and awareness 

Why this event?

"Change Your Mind, Change Your Life" was created to offer/show people that it is possible to live an amazing life. Have you ever thought that you are part of something bigger? Maybe we must first shift our perspective so we can recognise our connection. It's this kind of thinking that can offer you a transformation. You just have to be open to looking out for the signs and synchronicities along the way. 

Please watch the video as it may help.

2020 Dublin Speakers 

We will be finalising our full slate of speakers

Joseph Dalton



Aoife O'Brien


Dolores A-Gavin


Denise Devlin 


Stephen Downey



Sarah Griffiths


Laura Hilliard Brady


Maureen McCowen


Ian Delaney


Brian Kennedy


"If you focus on what others expect of you, you’ll continue to act on and attract more of what they desire for you. But when you can shift your inner thoughts to what you intend to create and attract into your life, you will no longer have to give mental energy to what others want for you"

Titles &Topics

Living Consciously

What is consciousness, what does it mean to you

Are you letting external situations make your daily decisions or would you like to follow your internal guidance to a better life.

How to get to where you going 

I would like to share my journey of change, and how I got to where I am today. I believe I am no different to anyone else, but if you want to make changes, you need to take action and be committed to that change

Reframe Your Life

What if our perceived limitations are not meant to be healed? What if you could reframe and understand all the circumstances in a new way? How would that change your perspective?

Global paradigm shift

Discover a global paradigm shift that is currently happening in the evolution of consciousness throughout humanity which is driving us all to embrace our true authentic self.

Reconnect to your Internet

If you understand how the brain is wired, that each person can take their own power back and deliberately start creating what they truly desire.  

There will be simple techniques to show you how your own body and mind can not lie plus tools and techniques to help reprogramme your own thought system

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  • Address: Airfield Estate Overend Ave, Dundrum, Dublin 14, D14 EE77
  • Phone: 086 8210037
  • Email: joe@jdc.ie

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The interest has been more then we expected, unfortunately we will have limited number of places available

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