Teaching the 4 elements to a thriving conscious business

Conscious Leadership, Collective Culture, Soulful Selling, Mindful Marketing

Helping you and your company to thrive by introducing the best ideas, strategies and techniques transforming your personal, professional and business results.

The “Conscious Business Academy” will facilitate professional management skills in 4 key areas of your organisation. Conscious Leadership, Collective Culture, Soulful Selling and Mindful Marketing. 

Let us offer you a fresh approach by assisting you in gaining clarity thus allowing you and your team to create a personal and business advantage.   

Conscious Leadership

Most business people will claim that they are Conscious Leaders but only a few will have a true understanding of what it is. But what really makes a Conscious Leader? It starts when someone is more aware of the situations that are going on around them. A Conscious leader is more concerned about developing the organization rather than making decisions just for himself or herself. It is understanding the people around you and finding the good qualities in them. Then developing a system where in everybody can work together to help the business grow.

A Conscious leader is also someone who cares and has the interest of every member at heart. A Conscious leader is someone who wants everyone in their team to be better than they are.

Collective Culture

For most of us who go through our normal everyday lives, we have almost forgotten the importance of culture in our society. Our days become routinary with our 8-5 jobs and we often forget that we are a part of a larger community. For many years, cultures have gone hand in hand with these communities and has helped developed countries all over the world. The object of creating this Collective Culture is making an organisation or a community wherein everybody cares and supports each other. A thriving community that will grow hand in hand with the growth of every business that is under the control of the members of its society.

Soulful Selling

In every business we have a selling process and we have a selling technique. Most businesses are out there goes through selling with just passion, desire or neither. A lot of them will just go through the motions. But what is the difference with Soulful Selling? It’s when you remove the ordinary selling process and then going in and start helping and being concerned with your customers and clients. It starts with asking them the right questions. Think about what you are saying to your clients and how are you coming across? The rapport, words and body language that you are using is as important as the products that you are selling. It’s not just the passion and desire but also selling with a heart and not with the mind and thinking about what you can do to best serve. Soulful selling helps the company moved forward by connecting with their clients. It’s also a system that we can monitor and check each part of the process, so we know who’s working it, who needs extra help in each element of the soulful selling.

Mindful Marketing

Mindful marketing is about being mindful of your clients. Speaking your client’s language. Understanding what they’re looking for. Raising interest. Mindful marketing is targeting the people that you want to do business with. It’s you knowing and understanding who your clients are. What keeps them awake at night? What would drive them down? Mindful marketing is about you connecting with your clients and your prospects in a deeper level. It is also about developing a system where you can relay the information to your sales team so they can use the process to generate more leads

I have been working with Joe Dalton over the last two years. We had several objectives: , understanding and clarity of business model and the impact it makes within our industry, improving the quality of our sales team and our partners. Joe has a wealth of knowledge and business acumen allowing him quickly understand our business and build structure and processes which is helping us as our business grows.

Mr. John Cullen
Managing Director
Epac facilities Limited

A period of instability recently occurred at Dublin South FM.
Joe Dalton, proved to be our saviour. He brought the organization back on the rails, attending to the financial and operational  chaos.
His leadership has seen many positive changes to the station. joe’s strategic innovation and a continuous improvement process will see the station celebrate another 25 year.

Mike Purcell
Founder Member 
Dublin South FM