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Joe Dalton
An amazing speaker. Joe is an International Executive Coach, a Business Mentor, a Conference Speaker, a World Class Sales & Marketing Expert and he also hosts a Radio Show called Breakthrough Brands and Business Eye on Dublin South FM. Joe has asked a section of guest speakers to come and share their life stories.
On the day we will offer you uplifting presentations.
1) You will learn about tools to improve the quality of your life.
2) Discover the importance of thinking positive thoughts.
3) Positive thinking makes you happy and brings you further in life.
4) Understand how to get rid of negative energy/influences.
5) Positivity is infectious, get it, pass it on.
6) You can change your thoughts around to feel better in any situation.
7) Everybody is basically the same with thoughts of good and bad, it’s what we do with these thoughts that count  

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Ticket Price €44.44

Airfield Estate Dundrum

Off the M50 motorway close to Dundrun town centre, Why not come and experience the unique setting of Airfield Estate in Dundrum. Educational Charity. Urban Farm. Visitor Center. Working Farm. Ornamental & food gardens. 

Seminar 17th August |Dublin, Ireland


2019 - Event This Year

WE are delighted to be hosting out 2nd ” Change Your Mind Change Mind” Event  this year. 

Ticket price €44.44

Please, Join us for a day that may help change your life

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